Exercise Myths Busted and Debunked- Take Quiz Now

Exercise Myths Busted and Debunked

It’s time to debunk some old exercise myths passed on to us from generation to generation. So, are you ready to take this quiz with me?

Welcome to your Exercise Myths Busted and Debunked

1. Exercising three times a day for 10 minutes is better than a 30-minute session.

2. Exercising for less than 150 minutes per week won’t get you any benefits.

3. You should always warm up before exercise. It is a

4. Losing fat from a certain area of the body by exercise is possible. It’s a

5. Moving more and sitting less can reap health benefits.

6. Exercising in the early hours of the day will make you more fit than exercising at night.

7. After a 30-minute session of cardio, you don’t need strength training.

8. You should always consult a doctor before implementing any exercise plan, even if you are healthy.

9. Cardio workout is the only way to improve your heart health.

10. Working out at the gym results in better benefits than exercising at home.

11. The more you sweat, the more your body burns calories.

12. Women shouldn’t exercise during periods.

13. Even a little physical activity helps reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension.

14. Lifting weights can make a woman bulky in appearance.

15. A muscle can turn into fat if a person stops working out.

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