Stamina Quotes – Motivational Quotes for Exercising and Fitness

These are some of the popular stamina quotes on physical and mental toughness, especially when working out. Let these quotes motivate and push you to achieve what's best for you.

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Your body is the perfect picture of your soul. And the better it looks the better your soul
It's not enough believing in something, you need to have the stamina to overcome all the obstacles you're gonna face to achieve the very thing you believe in
The gym doesn't make you a champion, it's the vision, the desire, and the stamina that's deeply ingrained within you
You're not old because you stopped working out, you stopped working out that's why you're old
Whatever you lack in talent compensate it with stamina and drive to win
While training listen to your body, so that in competition you'll be telling it to shut up

Don't Give Up Quotes

Stamina isn't a sprint, it's the force that drives the drumming
Exercising is king. Good dieting is queen. Now put them together and you have a kingdom
Your body is your garden. And your will is your gardener
What's perseverance? It's the hard work that comes right after you're tired from the hard work you already did
You gotta push past your limits. Push past whatever it is you think you can't do
Those at the gym aren't your competition. Look in your mirror and you'll find your competition
The biggest threat to our national security isn't the enemy, it's our lack of physical fitness
The moment you feel your stamina isn't there anymore, it's certain your health isn't there either
Nothing weakens the mind than a feeble body
Physical fitness isn't only crucial to a healthy body, but it's also the basis of a dynamic and creative mind
The groundwork of happiness is having a good health all round - physical, emotional, and biological

Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

Just like any other sport, physical fitness requires 100 percent dedication to training, dieting, and mental stamina
You want good things? It only comes to those who sweat, willing or not
Successful warriors aren't special people. They are the average man, but with laser-like focus on their goals
To achieve good health, all you need is a little bit of exercise, a little bit of nourishment, and lots of mental stamina
It's the stamina that's gonna push you into achieving what it is you desire
Need some confidence boost? It doesn't come from anywhere else but discipline and training
You should never limit your challenges. Embrace them and instead challenge the limits
Despite the obstacles, keep your mental stamina alive and believe in yourself
Remember that tough times don't really last. But tough people do
Don't be threatened by the gym and its members. It's not a social club. It's a training ground for everyone
It's the last three or four reps that grow your muscles. It's that extra pain that divides champions from those who aren't
One year later today you'll be wishing you started today
You wanna get ahead of everyone, the secret is to get started. Stop planning and just do it
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Quotes for Dieting and Overall Better Health

When it comes to exercising and eating right, there's no 'I'll start tomorrow
You're failing not because you lack desire, but it's because you lack commitment
Stop looking for success. Keep yourself so busy that you won't even notice it coming your way
Exercising is simply stamina, both physical and mental, but without the weariness
It's actually your duty to keep your body in check, otherwise you won't be able to keep your mind strong and clear
No matter how slow you're moving, you're still lapping anyone on the couch
Of course you'll hate every minute of exercising. But don't quit. Because it's better to suffer now and live the rest of your life like a champ
Would you rather suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret?
You MUST always do the one thing you think you can't do
While some folks want it to happen, others wish it would happen, champions simply make it happen
The moment you hit exercising failure, that's when you start working out
Motivation is meant to determine what you do. But it's the stamina and your attitude that determines how well you'll do
Champions are those people who get up when they can't
You've got two types of pain. One that hurts you and one that changes you. The difference is your mental stamina
Don't worry much about your body because it can stand almost anything. It's your mind that needs convincing
What you're destined to be is what you've decided to become
Once you learn how to quit, you become accustomed to it, and it becomes a habit
There are goals on one side and there are accomplishments on the other end. It's sheer discipline that bridges the two
Feel the pain today coz that's gonna be your strength tomorrow
Fitness is not about getting a certain body shape, it's about getting in shape
Your body is the shrine where nature asks to be revered

Being Ambitious

To survive you need ambition of American revolutionaries, the ego of that a grand opera tenor possesses, and both the physical and mental stamina of a cow pony
If you want the kind of body you've never had, you should exercise like you never had
The greatest works are performed and achieved through strength, stamina, and perseverance
The whole purpose of exercising is to toughen the body, tighten up the slack, and polish your spirit
What's the formula for a great workout? Simple. Number one, love yourself. Number two, eat healthy. And number three, squeeze your buns
The difference between mission impossible and the possible is your determination
You'll gain alright. But prepare to pay with blood, sweat, tears, and even vomit
There isn't much of a secret to getting in shape. You lift, you work hard, and have the stamina and will to be the best
You're meant for the mountains and the sunrises and the beautiful scenes. Those are simply meant to inspire you. You're actually meant for the valley and the life's ordinary things coz that's where you have to prove your strength and stamina

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