Fitness Quiz For Students

Fitness Quiz For Students

Do you consider yourself a fitness fanatic? Test your knowledge right now by taking this quiz.

Welcome to your Fitness Quiz For Students

1- As per recommendations, how much exercise is enough to hit your fitness goals?

2- Stretching exercises are good for

3- Identify aerobic workout

4- Which of the benefits result from walking?

5- A workout session should be painful in order to be effective.

6- Which of the following disorders are linked with obesity?

7- Aerobic exercises

8- As people age, muscle mass decreases. Which exercises are suitable for older people to strengthen their muscles?

9- An effective exercise regimen includes

10- A person’s ability to overwork his muscles is related

11- A person’s ability to lift heavy weights is related to

12- Which of the following exercises can improve your posture?

13- You should do muscle-strengthening activities for at least

14. A person with a large frame weighs more than someone with a small frame.

15. Which of the following are the benefits of regular physical activity?

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