FreeMotion 530 Treadmill: Best Tool For Casual Exercise

FreeMotion is quite a famous brand all over the world for their best-designed products and cheapest price. However, FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill is an interactive treadmill of best treadmill desks featuring numbers of the program for working out. Experts find FreeMotion 530 treadmill as the bell cow of the FreeMotion lineup, especially for the casual exerciser. Experts further expressed that this is not for serious users unless you are a runner.

Nonetheless, you will be able to customize your fitness training using interactive running experience. FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill reviews iFit Technology, SpaceSaver Design, 2.5 CHP Drive Systems and Watts LED Display.

The hi-tech advantage you will receive with this unit of work out where you can tap into Google Maps and iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled treadmill will take you in different routes. And the Watts LED display is ready to track your power output which is quite impressive for FreeMotion 530.

Important Features of the FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill

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iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled

FreeMotion 530 will take you to Birmingham and then drop you nearby London Bridge using Smart Enabled treadmill which automatically adjusts the incline. And the greatest advantage is that you can customize your workout with the help of certified personal trainers.

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Integrated Tablet Holder

Since you planned to workout, why not have some fun with the super cool technology like iFit, and now tablet holder. This device is designed to keep your tablet secure and conveniently close for easy access while working out.

Round Watts LED Display

What do you call when you see your progress right in front of you on the console with bright LED lights. Yes, it is possible for Watts LED Display to watch your power output which allows differing your state of workout whether you are at the level of Endurance, Tempo or Peak Zone. The Tempo level will put you based on your weight mostly in your ideal heart rate. And for cardio max, Peak is ready to welcome you.

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Cushioning Deck

The terrain must be made of solid cushioning. You will feel the cushioning throughout the deck area when you walk, run or jog. The comfort will be upon you to protect your joints especially.

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Space Saver Design

Well, here you will be able to save some space with this effective fitness machine of FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill. You can easily fold it up easily and take a short trip outside and come back to work out. It is just one easy step away, that’s it.

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2.5 CHP Drive System

The motor delivers smooth, consistent power to the fullest and able to cool internal components to keep the life steady for your drive system for long.


FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill reviews more features like iPod Compatible Audio Port, EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor, 0-10 MPH QuickSpeed, 0-10 Quick Incline, 20” *60” Tread Belt, 2 Workout Apps, and 1.9” Balanced Rollers.

FreeMotion 530 Treadmill


  • Perfect balance
  • Drive System is quite effective
  • Controlling is simple and easy
  • Performance is incredible for the price
  • Well cushioned


  • Little trouble setting up iFit
  • Lacks a Fan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does it constantly ask me to scan for heart rate even when I’m not touching the handles?

Well, this is unusual. I assume you might have to reset the system then see what happens after.

2. How much does it weigh?

325 lb. is the weight for FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill.

3. Does this treadmill incline adjustments?

The treadmill is a power incline which you can set up from the control panel for better adjustment.

4. Does this treadmill show the pace?

I’m afraid it doesn’t show the pace as you go. But it shows the power output otherwise.

5. Does this treadmill come with an emergency shutoff option?

Well, it doesn’t directly come with shutoff option as for emergency. But the unplugging cord might come in handy in this purpose.

Customer Review

You might be curious about customer experiences of FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill. Well, we will get see some of the customer reviews here.

Alex seems quite happy saying “satisfied with the performance the balance on the deck. Just a little trouble with control panel due to less elaboration.”

John expresses his experiences “I am routine runner and this treadmill serves me well. Only I am still having difficulties with iFit as to how to figure this out. Overall, it’s a good one.”

Our Final Verdict On FreeMotion 530 Treadmill

To make the final verdict, you ought to be very meticulous and should not take any hasty decision. Obviously, FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill is way better for the price, but again, it needs to fill the requirements you prefer. Therefore, we highly recommend you read the review in detail so that you won’t miss anything significant.

Overall, FreeMotion 530 Interactive Treadmill reviews the best treadmill for a good reasonable price and you can go for it.

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