How To Assemble Maxkare Treadmill

MaxKare treadmill is a reputable fitness equipment brand that sells various equipment for domestic use. In addition, their machines feature a cost-effective treadmill design, but they've got more features than other equipment within their price range. So, if you're looking for an affordable treadmill for home use, Maxkare is your go-to brand!

Another interesting feature about MaxKare treadmills is that they have a user-friendly design. As a result, their treadmill models are relatively easy to use & assemble. In this guide, I'll show you how to set up and assemble the MaxKare treadmill step by step!

So, let's get right into it!

MaxKare Treadmill Assembly Instructions

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As already mentioned, the MaxKare treadmill is relatively easy to assemble since most of its parts are assembled. Therefore, you only need to connect its console and console mast to the main core unit, which will take you less than an hour. Best of all, the equipment comes with an instructions manual to guide you through the process and all the tools you need for MaxKare treadmill assembly.

Another benefit of this lightweight treadmill unit is that one person can assemble it. Besides, the MaxKare 2.5HP treadmill only weighs about 41.2 kg/ 91 lbs, so it's not too heavy. However, it's good to have another person close by to help you out for safety reasons. Plus, putting the machine on a protective rubber mat may be a great idea since it prevents wobbling during a workout.

In addition, it's important to measure the machine before buying it to determine if you've got enough room in your house. Fortunately, MaxKare electric treadmill has a foldable, space-saving design that allows you to fold it up after a workout.

In terms of dimensions, the treadmill measures 53.3" long X 26.18" wide X 45.9" tall. Therefore, the perfect workout area for this equipment should be about 4' 4" long X 2' 2" wide and a ceiling height of around 7'. At the same time, this fitness equipment may need a clearance of about 1 to 2 ft at the rear and on each side for safety reasons, especially if you'll be using it in a confined space. All in all, users with heights of between 4' 6" and 6' 2" can easily use this workout machine.

Another thing worth mentioning about the MaxKare treadmill is that it's easy to fold and unfold, thanks to the soft drop system and folding mechanism. The machine measures 28.46" long X 26.18" wide X 46.4" tall when folded. In other words, its full assembled length is reduced to almost half its size when you fold it up.

The soft drop system allows the running deck to self-lock when lifting it. On the contrary, touch the kick button when you wish to lower the deck, and the deck will softly lower itself using the hydraulics.

How to Assemble MaxKare Treadmill Step By Step

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Step 1: Read the instructions

You need to pay close attention to several areas while assembling a MaxKare treadmill. First, it's important to ensure that all parts are tightened firmly and follow the assembly instructions correctly. If the frame parts aren't tightened properly, they'll seem loose, making the treadmill generate irritating noises during use.

Also, there should be no movement in the console masts, assembly, or handlebars. Any play in these areas indicates that the machine hasn't been assembled properly, which may end up damaging your treadmill. To avoid such problems, review the assembly instructions and take corrective actions.

Step 2: Choose the location of the treadmill

Before you unpack your MaxKare foldable treadmill with an auto incline, choose the perfect location to place it. Ideally, the machine should be put on a level surface. Moreover, there should be a clearance of about 6ft behind the machine, 3 ft on both sides, and 1 ft in front for the power cord and folding. On the same note, ensure the machine doesn't block air openings/ vents.

Step 3: Unpacking

Put the treadmill carton on a flat surface while handling it with care. More notably, put a protective mat on the floor and never open the treadmill box when it's on its side.

After putting the box on the floor:

  1. Remove the banding straps.
  2. Once you've done that, don't move or lift the unit unless you've assembled it fully.
  3. Ensure you move it upright, folded position while keeping the safety latch secure.

Similarly, don't grab the incline frame or try to move or lift the treadmill before it's fully assembled. Lastly, handle the unpacked machine with care to prevent the high-pressure shocks from springing open, leading to injury.

Step 4: Check the included tools and parts

As mentioned earlier, the MaxKare folding treadmill has all the tools you need to assemble it. For example, the machine comes with a 6mm T-wrench and a 5mm Allen Wrench. Other parts that come with this unit include; 2 roller end caps, 3 hardware bags, a console assembly, a safety key, a silicone oil bottle, and a water bottle pocket.

Like other treadmills, your MaxKare treadmill will not start unless you put the safety key in position. The key is designed to cut the treadmill power in case of a fall. So, make sure you attach the treadmill safety key clip end to your clothing and check if it's operational every 2 weeks.

Moreover, you must ensure that all bolts and nuts are partially threaded and in place during each assembly stage before tightening them completely. More importantly, you can lightly apply some treadmill lubricant spray to make the installation easier. 

Step 5: Install the console masts

Open the first hardware bag and slide the right console mast on its support tube and use the bolts, spring washers, and arc washers on the front of the console mast to fix it. Do the same for both sides of the console mast.

Open the second hardware bag & connect the console to the upright mast on both sides using the included bolts, spring washers, and arch washers.

Next, connect the console cables and cautiously tuck wires in the console mast to avoid pinching or damaging them. At the same time, make sure the console cable ends are tightly seated on each other and the prongs are aligned. Slowly slide the water bottle holder into the hole in the treadmill console until they snap together.

Lastly, open the third hardware bag and fold up the treadmill, ensuring that the lock latch is securely engaged. Attach the right roller end cap with the included bolts and do the same on the other side.

How to Fold up MaxKare Treadmill

To fold up your MaxKare treadmill, hold the back end and carefully lift the end of the deck into an upright position until the security lock latch is engaged. Don't let the machine go before the treadmill deck is securely latched.

If you want to unfold the treadmill, firmly hold the back end and gently release the lock latch until it disengages. Now, carefully lower the treadmill deck to the ground.

This foldable design makes MaxKare one of the most easily stored treadmills on the market. Even better, it's equipped with convenient transportation wheels built into the frame. However, before moving it around, you need to ensure that it's folded and latched. After that, firmly hold its handlebars, tilt it back and roll.

How to Set Up a MaxKare Treadmill

MaxKare treadmill is one of the easiest pieces of fitness equipment to use & assemble. In this guide, I'll show you how to assemble the MaxKare treadmill step-by-step!

Since this equipment comes with a you'll find it quite easy to maintain, use and set up. However, it requires a bit more guidance to ensure proper use and assembly. More importantly, learning how to set up the MaxKare treadmill safely and correctly will help you get the best exercise possible.

With that in mind, here are the steps you should follow when setting up your treadmill; 

1. Assemble the treadmill deck & console

In most cases, the larger treadmill components like console, deck, and arms come preassembled. Therefore, you only need to connect these elements, and you're good to go.

However, before you do that, choose a location for your machine and put the deck on the floor. As mentioned, leave about 5 -6 ft of free space behind the treadmill deck. This safety precaution helps to reduce injury if you fall or trip off the running belt. Next, connect the arms to the deck and firmly screw them. Now, assemble & connect the treadmill console and move on to the next step.

2. Connect the console

Connect the console to the treadmill to get the equipment up and running. The MaxKare treadmill has 2 or 3 wires that connect the cable for speed and incline. Luckily, these wires are labeled, so you only need to insert them into the designated slot. However, ensure you tuck the wires away to avoid pinching them when screwing the treadmill console into the arms.

3. Test running belt tension

Since the running belt of the MaxKare treadmill is usually pre-installed at the manufacturing facility, it may not need much adjustment. However, it's still important to test its tension before using the machine.

The running belt should lift at least 3" from the deck if it's properly tensioned. If the belt is too tight, the risk for breakages or tears is high, which isn't good. In addition, you should ensure that the running belt is properly tensioned in the middle of the deck since it might have shifted during transportation. To realign the belt, tighten the bolt on the side of the deck until the belt moves towards the center.


Now that you've learned how to assemble a MaxKare treadmill, you can enjoy all the health benefits of this machine. It's one of the best folding electric treadmills for weight loss, endurance, and improving cardiovascular health. More notably, it has a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs treadmill, making it a great option for home use, especially if you've limited space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to turn on the MaxKare treadmill?

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and look for the power switch on its frame. Press the power button into the reset position and stand on the machine's foot rails. Next, slide the clip linked to the safety key onto your clothes' waistband, insert the key into the treadmill console and wait for the display to light up. 

Q2. What is the easiest treadmill to assemble?

Customers consider Horizon Fitness T101 Go Series the easiest treadmill to assemble. In addition, this fitness features a quiet motor and is highly durable. 

Q3. How to incline the MaxKare treadmill?

MaxKare auto incline folding treadmill allows you to change its incline level from 0 -12%. However, this is done manually, so you must get off the equipment if you wish to change the incline level. 

To accomplish that, press the incline + (increase) button once and press either the lowest quick incline or incline - (decrease) button to set the machine to the lowest setting. Wait for the frame to stop moving before you get onto the treadmill. 

Q4. How long does it take to assemble a MaxKare treadmill?

If you've got the right tools, assembling a MaxKare treadmill can take about 45 - 60 minutes. Better yet, you can conveniently assemble the machine alone, but it's always good to have a friend to help you out.

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