How To Protect Carpet From Treadmill

Treadmills are intended for indoor use and are designed to be placed on hard surfaces. However, the constant pounding of your feet while using the machine will wear down the material of your carpet over time, resulting in an unsightly mess. Also, the treadmill belt may heat up during use, thus tearing up the carpet.

Even worse, the carpet releases dust that is drawn into the electronics and moving parts of the treadmill. This will shorten the lifespan of your fitness equipment or even cause it to malfunction.

So, if you set up a treadmill at home, it's important to consider what you're placing it on. Similarly, you've to consider how to protect the carpet from the treadmill since it's crucial for the lifespan and safety of the machine.

Keep reading this guide to learn more about how to protect the mat from exercise equipment!

Can You Put a Treadmill on a Carpet?

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For certain reasons, putting your treadmill on the carpet isn't a great idea. Nonetheless, it can have its share of benefits as well. To help you decide whether placing the treadmill on a carpet is worth it, I'll look at the benefits and drawbacks.

So, let's start from there!


⦿ Absorbs noise

Carpets are made up of relatively soft fabric with a foam material underlay. As a result, the carpet absorbs some noise & vibrations, preventing them from being transmitted to other rooms. This also creates a comfortable workout environment, especially if you're using a noisy treadmill.

⦿ Floor protection

Running on a treadmill creates friction between the machine and the floor, subjecting the floor material to wear and tear. Moreover, vibrations can make the machine move, creating marks and scratches on the floor surface. For these reasons, most people claim that putting a carpet beneath the treadmill will prevent this deterioration. Also, the carpet offers stability to the treadmill to keep it in place during use.


⦿ A treadmill can damage the carpet

Most treadmills are equipped with small rubber feet. However, they can still damage the carpet due to the friction generated between the machine and the floor surface when running. As a result, the carpet fabric will develop unsightly bald spots or holes over time, forcing you to replace it with a new one.

⦿ Exposes the treadmill to dust, dirt & carpet fibers

Another limitation of keeping your treadmill on the carpet is exposing it to dust, dirt, and carpet fibers from the fabric. The dust eventually finds its way into the moving parts of the treadmill, reducing their lifespan. Also, the dust may accumulate in the electrical motor, thus reducing its cooling capacity. So if you're still insisting on keeping your treadmill on a carpet, make sure you have it maintained or cleaned regularly.

⦿ Overheating problems

Putting a treadmill on a carpet makes it difficult for the equipment to dissipate the heart. This increases the risk of the motor and other parts overheating and breaking down.

In summary, while putting the treadmill on the carpet has its benefits, it's not recommended. Interestingly, there are various alternatives you can use to protect both the machine and the floor surfaces. One such option is buying the best mat for the treadmill on a carpet that you can put under your workout equipment. At the same time, a treadmill mat will give you a memorable experience while exercising on the machine.

What's a Treadmill Mat?

A treadmill is a large, flat piece of fabric placed under the treadmill to protect the carpet or floor. They're often made from rubberized vinyl, form, recycled rubber, or PVC material and are available in various thicknesses.

More importantly, treadmill mats are considered the best way to protect your floor/ carpet and exercise equipment. In addition, they're usually coated with a rubberized covering to reduce the amount of vibration caused by the machine.

The most interesting thing about treadmill mats is they come at a very reasonable price. In addition, they protect the exercise equipment from dust, dirt, and fibers from the carpet.

Therefore, buying a treadmill mat for your fitness machine is worth it.

Why Do You Need a Mat Under a Treadmill on Carpet?

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⦾ Noise reduction

Treadmills tend to be noisy and disruptive due to the humming sound from the belt and motor. This causes the equipment to be pretty loud, especially when you're running on the treadmill deck. In addition, the impact of your feet while training increases the vibration of the machine, transferring the noise to other rooms. This issue is common for apartment treadmill users since the vibrations and noise are very disruptive to the neighbors.

You can solve this issue once and for all by putting a treadmill mat under your machine. The mat eliminates the sound and vibration within your workout spaces and significantly reduces the noise transferred to the neighboring areas. Better still, since exercise equipment mats are made from a dense rubber material, they're more effective in vibration absorption than carpets.

⦾ Hardwood floors and carpet protection

Most types of flooring can support the treadmill load, considering that most models weigh about 27 to 113 kg. Nonetheless, machine vibration, your body weight, and the continuous impact of your feet on the deck while running will cause it to rub against the floor. As a result, the flooring will wear out over time.

On the bright side, putting a treadmill floor protector mat under your fitness equipment adds an extra layer of cushioning to protect your carpet. Moreover, the carpet spreads out the weight to prevent any deep indentations. On top of that, a high-quality equipment mat absorbs the impact and vibration to reduce friction underneath the machine.

⦾ Protects the treadmill from dust and dirt

One of the biggest problems with putting a treadmill on a carpet is that dust, fibers, and dirt can get into the machine. This dirt tends to build up in the machine's moving parts like the bearing and rollers, affecting its performance. Moreover, the dust particles cause the treadmill components to deteriorate faster, thus reducing their lifespan. Similarly, dust build-up causes the treadmill motor to overheat faster.

Interestingly, treadmill mats don't release dust and fibers since they're usually made from PVC or rubber. Better yet, they're easier to keep dust free and clean than carpets since you only need a wet cloth with mild detergent.

This will help to block dust from getting into your treadmill and reduce the amount of dust around your workout space.

⦾ Prevents your workout equipment from moving around

The treadmill usually slides or shifts when you're running, doing a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and other intense workouts on the machine. Unfortunately, this causes it to damage the flooring and compromise your safety while using the machine.

However, putting a non-slip design treadmill mat under the machine keeps it steady and stable, thus preventing it from sliding around.

⦾ Prolongs your treadmill's life

Putting a heavy-duty treadmill mat under your exercise equipment will help extend its lifespan. Specifically, it will help keep the moving belt clean and reduce the amount of wear & tear on the moving components.

How Thick Should a Treadmill Mat Be?

The ideal thickness of a treadmill mat depends on how often you use the machine and the type of treadmill you're using. In that regard, a standard ¼" thick treadmill mat is sufficient for a lightweight treadmill used occasionally. However, you'll need a heavy-duty treadmill mat for heavy equipment that is used frequently to guarantee adequate protection.

That said, if you're planning to use your treadmill regularly, you should buy a mat that is at least ⅜" thick. Such mats are very effective in dampening vibrations and absorbing impact from the movements of your treadmill.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Treadmill Mat

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Apart from thickness, here are other features you need to consider when buying a treadmill mat;

⦿ Size

A treadmill mat should be at least 7.6 cm wider than your exercise equipment on all sides. This will ensure that your machine doesn't move around during use and keep its fat within the mat. For that, it's important to measure your treadmill's dimensions first before choosing a specific mat.

For a standard treadmill, you can choose a standard-size mat that usually measures 6.5 X 3ft. But if you've got a piece of heavy exercise equipment, you will need a large mat to accommodate the size of your equipment. This helps to protect your carpet and floor from grime and oil that sometimes builds up under the treadmill motor.

⦿ Construction material 

As mentioned earlier, treadmill mats are made from various materials such as rubber or PVC. One major benefit of choosing a High-Density PVC treadmill mat is that it doesn't have the strong smell associated with new mats. On the contrary, rubber mats are more costly but last longer, look better, and are more effective in vibration reduction.

However, regardless of the construction material you choose, the most important factor is to ensure that the fabric is sweat- and water-resistant to protect the floor surface from damage.

⦿ Grip 

Some treadmill mats have a smooth finish, while others feel rough. While you can choose any option depending on your preference, it's essential to consider the type of your gym floor first. Besides, the non-slip quality of the mat will play a crucial role in keeping the machine in place during use.

Regular Treadmill Maintenance If you remember correctly, one of the major drawbacks of putting a treadmill on a carpet is that dust and fibers get into the machine. This dust accumulates over time, affecting the inner working of the machine as well as its overall performance. Maintaining the treadmill regularly can help to overcome some of these challenges. For instance, you should regularly vacuum the carpet around your treadmill. Similarly, you should remove its motor cover and vacuum the machine to eliminate any dust buildup. In addition, lubricate the running belt every 3 - 6 months to eliminate the debris stuck between the belt and the tread belt.


If you're wondering how to protect the carpet from exercise equipment, using treadmill mats is one of the best options available. It will help you minimize vibrations affecting your machine's life and protect the carpet from damage. Interestingly, there are many mats to choose from based on your flooring, treadmill & workout needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to stabilize Peloton on carpet?

Putting a treadmill mat between the carpet and your Peloton treadmill will help stabilize your equipment. The mat reduces the risk of the machine moving or slipping during use, thus increasing its stability. However, you should make sure that the treadmill mat is large enough to fit under the entire Peloton treadmill.

2. Can you use a yoga mat under a treadmill?

A yoga mat is as good as a treadmill mat in protecting the treadmill and the carpet. Therefore, you can use it under a treadmill on a carpet instead of a treadmill mat. However, the yoga mat will only be effective if it covers the entire area under your fitness equipment.

3. Can I put my Peloton tread in the garage?

The garage is one of the best places to put your Peloton treadmill on, especially if your kids don't use it often. Also, the garage must be clean and spacious.

One benefit of putting the treadmill in the garage is that the noise will not be a problem. Therefore, you can exercise every day without disrupting people in the other rooms. Secondly, garages usually have adequate ventilation. This prevents your peloton treadmill from overheating and makes your workouts more enjoyable.

4. What's the best treadmill mat for the concrete floor?

A rubber treadmill mat is an excellent mat to support exercise equipment in a concrete space. It ensures no damage to the treadmill or the floor and reduces reflected noise.

5. How often should one replace the treadmill mat?

You should replace the treadmill mat every 6 to 12 months. However, you can also replace it if it's damaged or starts to feel less cushioning.

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