How to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise

You don’t want to give up on food, nor do you want to spend minutes exercising; yet you fancy a pleasant, slim, and fit body. Till this moment such a thing has been a mere fancy to you. But do you know that you can make all this happen for real?

Wait, don’t get me wrong; I’m not talking about any magic by which you’ll have a fit figure one morning when you wake up. Of course, you’ll have something for it. Your fitness concerns good food habits and physical activities. Here, I’m just talking about a change in habits- not necessarily dieting or going to the gym, but some certain changes inhabit.

‘How much you eat matters much less than ‘what you eat. So, you need to be careful about the choice of your food. Also, the moment of action is important i.e. the time of your meals.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has to be regular and heavier than other meals. Here is why you must have faith in this practice:

When you start your day with a full healthy breakfast, the rest of the day your stomach has less space to accommodate more food. So, you eat no more than what your body needs. The opposite is when you refuse to take the morning meal. In that case, your stomach is so kind that it shelters a variety of food items throughout the day. So why shouldn’t you gain weight?

Maybe you worry too much about how much you eat. But in reality, you gain or lose weight for ‘what’ you eat. Once you are aware of the food items that contribute to the increase of calories in your body, you will surely feel encouraged to accept vegetables, fruits, and grains instead of stuff like chicken and high-calorie junk. Vegetables, fruits, and grains contain very low calories but ample vitamins and fiber. So you get healthy, not bulky. In addition, drink a lot of water. Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal beats hunger and saves you from overeating.

If you can’t or ‘don’t’ want to go to a gymnasium or spend specific hours doing specific exercises, decide on always being physically active. Just be more dynamic in all your regular activities. Stop taking even the smallest favor from others- such as asking for a file from the rack while you’re sitting at the table at a little distance. Get up and fetch it yourself. Walk to your school, university, or office and come back home in the same manner (consider the distance of course!); be in love with stairs breaking up with elevators and escalators; and the easiest but the most important is, sleep timely and sleep enough.

These require no specified schedule but very well harmonize with your careful eating habit. So, all you see in you is health and no fat.

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