Quiz on Pre Exercise Do’s and Don’ts

Before getting into your exercise clothes, make sure you are ready for an effective workout. Take this quiz to test your knowledge on pre-workout do’s and don’ts.

Welcome to your Quiz on Pre Exercise Do’s and Don’ts

1. Which of the following is a must before exercise?

2. Warming up before exercise is essential because it

3. How can poor sleep affect your exercise routine?

4. It’s ok to exercise sometimes without taking enough fluids.

5. How much water do I need to drink 2 hours before exercise?

6. Is it ok to do strength training when I am hungry?

7. How much earlier should you eat a full meal before a workout?

8. The sooner you eat before your workout, the simpler and smaller your meal should be.

9. People who had a heart attack in the past shouldn’t get involved in any workout.

10. Which of the following is a strict NO before exercise?

11. A cardiovascular patient should check their vitals before exercise.

12. You should not take ____ before exercise.

13. Coca cola as a pre-workout is suitable for a quick fix of energy.

14. Which of the following things should you get for gym sessions?

15. You should always get your doctor’s ok before implementing a new exercise program, even if you are fit.

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