The Best 10 Running Coaches in Los Angeles

Most people assume that only professional athletes have the privilege of working with running coaches, and it's an extravagance for recreational athletes. But it's surprising how much you can learn and benefit from having a personal coach as you get all the attention, guidance, and knowledge. The best running coaches in Los Angeles are easy to find.

Mia is a Swedish international coach with over half a decade of coaching experience and is a certified level 1 coach by the RRCA and the Run Academy coach. When you pick M.I.A Fitness, you stand to benefit from a personalized running coach, gait analysis, shoe fitting, and sports massages.

Mia will help you to stay motivated through the numerous training programs curated uniquely for every individual. The support and effort will also guide you to remain injury free as you pursue your running goals.

Mia is a certified masseuse with over 10 years of practice as a sports massage therapist. She uses her vast abilities to prevent and aid athletes in sports-related injuries. Athletes usually gain by improving their muscle imbalances and boosting performance.

Address: 1715 14th St Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310) 924-9437


Mia Hultgren
Coach Marissa Fit
Coach Marissa runs a successful coaching business as she solely focuses on training women to become their best version. Her empowering programs act as the foundation to establish a strong and healthy body by strengthening the gluteal muscles, core, and hips.

With coach Marissa, you will get personalized attention to help you grow as she creates unique programs for every client based on their strengths and weaknesses. Her services include nutrition support, weight loss, muscle tone, diastasis recti, postpartum fitness, and half- and full marathon training.

She accepts all lever athletes, including beginners and recreational clients looking to boost cardio, lose weight, and improve strength.

Coach Marissa is a certified personal instructor, running coach, and group fitness trainer.

Address: Glendale, CA 91206

Phone: (516) 768-4396


The GreenRunner brand started in 2009 intending to boost athlete confidence to overcome their doubts and keep setting new personal best achievements. The coach focuses on speed, efficient running, hurdle techniques, endurance, mental toughness, and cardio.

Clients benefit from the GreenRunner's formula aiding them in various athletic sports disciplines like 5K,10K, half, full marathons, and cross country. The coach offers his services to beginners, kids, adults, recreational runners, law enforcement, and military recruits.

The coach also trains athletes from other sports disciplines, including basketball, soccer, baseball, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis, rowing, softball, etc.

AddressLos Angeles, CA 90064, Rancho Park

Phone: (213) 986-4949


My Coach Larry
Coach Larry began his career in 2007 and had since been enriching athletes with his vast experience through training and performance review. For example, when running a marathon, you need to be at your best being careful not to overtrain or undertrain so that you can finish the race and even set a new personal best.

Over the years, coach Larry has developed programs that will help all level clients gain fitness but also have fun while training. In addition, he is a dedicated coach who teaches running techniques to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Coach Larry is a certified USA Track and Field Coach.

Address: 1534 Rancho Ave Los Angeles, CA 91201

Phone: (818) 925-5786


Coach Gareth Thomas Is an experienced coach who has been in practice for over two decades. His many accolades include being an advisor and coach to national and world champion athletes in cycling, triathlon, running, duathlon, and mountain biking.

He is a specialist that takes athletes to elite-level status by instilling endurance and mental toughness. Coach Gareth works with all levels of clients, from beginners to pro athletes, with the sole focus of making them the best.

His programs are interactive and suitable for all athletes, regardless of their abilities. In addition, he runs the TRIO Science Driven Fitness Center with Michael Denis, who is also a coach with exemplary credentials. 

If you join his training lessons, you will have a lot to gain, including access to SoCal's premier sports science testing facility that offers Blood Lactate Testing. 

Other benefits include Run & Bike techniques, swim video review and analysis, and nutrition consultancy.

Coach Garreth Thomas

Start today and get a unique training program suitable for your goals, health, and convenience.

Address: 1716 Ocean Park Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone: (858) 361-4733


Coach Angelina Margo
Coach Angelina has many expert credentials, including health coach, nutrition expert, and personal trainer. When you sign up for her programs, you can expect full attention and workouts designed for your fitness level and goal preferences.

Angelina is a certified ACE coach with diverse abilities and clientele. She offers her services to beginners, celebrities, seniors, and pre/postnatal women athletes.

Coach Angelina has one-on-one individual training, small group, and couples training services. As a health coach and nutritional expert, she has a keen eye on body mechanics and awareness.

She is attentive and can work around pre-existing injuries to make you recover fast while avoiding aggravation. Her background makes her an all-around coach that will guide you toward perfection and healthy living.

Coach Angelina is the answer to your problems if you have structural concerns and health conditions but still aspire to run recreationally or competitively.

Address: 12424 Wilshire Blvd Ste 101 West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: (310) 926-9536


7. Run With the LAB

Run with LAB was established in 2017 and consists of a group of expert trainers that will help you run your best 5K, 10k, half, and full marathon. Run with the LAB is a perfect choice if you are chasing the elusive personal best after a long absence or are just ambitious to join elite athletes.

After the first consultation, the coaches will develop a unique workout program suitable for you, considering your level, age, health status, and convenience. There is no breakdown in communication, and you will always find a coach ready to assist you and help you develop your running techniques.

Coach Blue Benadum is a founder with experience and a progressive career in marathon running and training. He has participated in 59 marathons, improving his personal best from 3:14 to 2:23.

Running is a progressive sport, and he uses his experience to keep improving the techniques of his clients.

Address: Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone: (310) 494-1857


8. Triathlon Training Team

Triathlon Training Team
The Triathlon Training Team was started in 1998 for athletes who wished to participate in competitive and recreational sports. The expert coaches offer cycling, swimming, and running classes accompanied by a post-analysis review to monitor your progress.

When you join, you will have an initial session where you will discuss your objectives with the coaches so that they can develop a unique workout program. They have a variety of clients, including children, teenagers, adults, couples, and group sessions.

They focus on your immediate needs and help you progressively overcome your challenges and goals towards your journey of professionalism. Part of the training includes when to push hard or relax during competition and improving your tactical acumen when competing.

Regular drills and personalized sessions can also improve your running efficiency, cardio, and strength. To become a better athlete, you need to train with the best. All the coaches are vastly experienced in their respective disciplines and are always ready to offer guidance and mental strength to boost your confidence.

Address: 1522 W 32nd St Long Beach, CA 90810

Phone: (949) 351-2996


9. Track Diamond Club

Track Diamond Club
The Track Diamond Club was established in 2017 as a nonprofit organization to benefit the community. It has 20 professional athletes from various cities within the U.S who offer their services to give back to society.

Coach Alicia's dream is now a reality as the club can now promote, educate, and develop the ideals of children and adults through hard work and mentorship. The values of sportsmanship stand integral to the club's ideals as they focus on building children's character within the program.

Each training program targets to accomplish a structure and discipline of athletes towards training. The coaches are involved and committed to the club's vision of setting and abiding by the highest training standard to help nurture young athletes.

Coach Alicia works with a team of all-female trainers who are also experts. These are Katrina M. Smith, Eve Walker, and Stacey Callis. These four dynamic women coach children aged between 6 and 15, helping them achieve athletic and academic excellence.

The Track Diamond Club trains young athletes by infusing a positive and fun environment where children can be free to develop. As a result, athletes will gain values such as self-worth, sportsmanship, teamwork, and responsibility.

Address: Culver City, CA 90232, Los Angeles

Phone: (310) 405-3616


Coach John Bryan started his training career in 2011, providing his clients with various fitness and health services. He has many credentials making him a suitable coach for different sports disciplines. He has a level 2 USA cycling certificate, Level 2 USA Triathlon, Level 2 American Swim Coaches Association, Certified Yoga teacher with over 500+ hours, and certified Newton Running coach.

All these experiences make him rank above many coaches in Los Angeles who can help you develop running techniques, strength, mobility, balance, and commitment.

He is a professional who has worked with many athletes and can create a fun and supportive environment to boost your confidence and motivation. In addition, coach John Bryan offers small group training and one-on-one sessions to make you reach your running goals fast.

His profile includes online training programs for people who can't find time for face-to-face training. His services are affordable, and the initial training includes 1-hour yoga, running, or personal training.

Address: Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Phone: (424) 634-1672


John Bryan Coaching


Running is a lifestyle sport that beginners, professionals, and recreational runners enjoy. Many coaches can help you run your personal best, and the best running coaches in Los Angeles are on this list.

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