The Best 10 Running Coach in San Francisco

Running is among the best forms of exercise that you can do for free. But this doesn't mean that you are doing it the right way. Even recreational runners need to find a coach if they want to maintain the highest levels of physical fitness. You can get closer to your ambitions by finding the best running coaches in San Francisco.

Coach Eve is a specialist trainer known for coaching long-distance runners from 5K to full marathons. She helps beginners and pro athletes with the basic form of running, and they master all the techniques they need to become successful in their ambitions.

Her running passion started when she was twelve and since then, Coach Eve has pursued running as a lifelong lifestyle. She has completed 11 full marathons and numerous half-marathons, making her an experienced coach who can develop your running technique.

Her most outstanding achievements include finishing five Boston Marathon events and being among the coaches in the AIDS Marathon Training Program. In this program, she helped many athletes harness their running potential taking them from 3 miles to 26-mile runners within six months.

Coach Eve can train you in speed, endurance, cardio, and recovery. Her programs include one-on-one sessions and small group training.

Address: Mill Valley, CA 94941

Phone: (415) 843-1494


Coach Eve

2. Ascend Running

Ascend Running is a brand focused on training individuals of all ages and levels in running techniques that they can apply in competitions. The specialty lies in trail and distance running, where athletes learn how to cope with different running adversities.

The training includes team tactics, strength, endurance, and knowing when to push for a lead. The workout programs vary depending on each individual as they use the initial session to outline your goals.

You can join Ascend Running for personalized sessions, group training, or online classes to push you closer to your running ambitions. If you want to run faster, train for a competition, or do recreational running, Ascend Running will help you master the basics and achieve your personal best.

Ascend Running recognizes that Running is a lifetime and lifestyle sport and will focus on keeping you fit and injury-free so that you never stay away from the tracks.

Address: Oakland, CA 94606

Phone: (415) 779-5327


3. Pain-Free Academy

Pain-Free Academy focuses on giving pro athletes the best services and training that will aid them in recovering from injuries and chronic pain. When an athlete is injured, they have limitations, making them underperform.

Pain-Free Academy has trainers that will elevate your running lifestyle mentally and physically to keep you fit through your running season. They also offer nutritional programs that help you during rehabilitation.

Pain-Free Academy is an online coaching program that can work with any athlete globally, making you train with limited distractions and zero pain. Join their transformational program and rediscover your running form.

They have expert coaches covering multiple areas to help improve an athlete's form. Of course, success depends on your dedication, but they also know how to motivate you towards commitment and passion for running.

Address: San Francisco, CA 94132

Phone: (415) 971-0303


4. Iguanas Running Club

Iguanas Running Club

The Iguana's Running Club was founded in 1997 and is continuously growing to offer support to women who wish to start or improve their Running. It has existed for over two decades, increasing its membership towards a common goal.

It started with a few individuals who wanted to run socially, with each individual having their reasons for running. Over time, they have hired a coach and now train regularly together for competitions and socializing.

The Iguanas Running club is free to join, and it's a platform where women can meet weekly for inspiration and camaraderie. It's a small group that has established relations spanning 20+ years. You can train with them for your next challenge or just do recreational running.

Address: 670 Kezar Dr San Francisco, CA 94118

Phone: (415) 387-4416


5. Tieri Training

Coach Angela is the sole founder of Tieri Training, and she has exceptional credentials as a trainer covering all angles to make you an elite athlete. Part of her training includes rehabilitation from injuries, gait and movement assessments, strength, and cardio training.

Currently, she is offering one-on-one sessions, but they are also available if you want to join a small group training class. In addition, she has an online platform where you can work together to develop a workout program that works for you, depending on your goals and ambition.

Coach Angela is an accomplished athlete and will bring her vast experience to help advance your running technique. In addition, she has a positive mentality and will boost your confidence which clears your mind when facing adversities during competitions.

Tieri Training

Her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle will soon rub on you as she offers nutritional knowledge that helps your body. She has worked with many athletes and offers her services to kids, adults, senior members, amateurs, and professional runners.

After training with Coach Angela, you will master positional Running and body movement that makes you avoid injuries.

Address: San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: (617) 697-6695


6. City Runners

City Runners
City Runners Fitness Training club was founded in 2013 and operated in Oakland, California. The club offers many fitness programs for athletes of all levels to make them achieve their goals.

You can get the best training through their committed personalized training sessions that start with you sharing your running goals. After the initial session, they will curate a program that works for you, covering all elements you need to improve your Running.

You don't have to worry if you are a beginner. The expert coaches are dedicated and confident to instigate your passion for running even if you never knew you had one.

Among the experts they will share with you is how to incorporate fitness and healthy living to aid your body to grow naturally and fast. In addition, they offer nutritional consultations, mental strength to overcome race day adversities, and all-around running lessons to improve your technique.

City Runners have CrossFit programs that will push your fitness levels and prepare you for 5K to full-marathon racing events

Address: 395 Merritt Ave Oakland, CA 94610

Phone: (510) 473-6203


7. Holly Martin

Coach Holly is among the top-tier Running and fitness coaches in San Francisco. She is a certified coach by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and offers all her clients quality workouts.

Her strengths as a coach lie in her ability to adjust to beginner athletes while improving them to become professional within a short time. In addition, she is efficient in-circuit training, where she helps athletes knock off some seconds from their personal best.

Coach Holly works with all level athletes, including children, adults, and seniors. Her 20+ years of background in ballet dancing is a feature she adds in her workout to teach body movement and dynamics, enabling you to master swift running techniques.

She has other diverse backgrounds, including 10+ years of CrossFit training and Ultramarathon athlete. Her experience puts her in a unique position to evaluate and assess ways that you can improve your Running to achieve your highest level of success.

Holly Martin

Coach Holly uses her expertise to make training fun and reduce injury risks keeping you fit before and after major competitions. Her services include personalized sessions, group training, and online classes.

Address: Mill Valley, CA 94941

Phone: (703) 999-2829


8. San Francisco Road Runners Club

San Francisco Road Runners Club
The San Francisco Road runners club was established in 2001 and has since grown to become one of the largest clubs in San Francisco. It currently has 500+ members, and it keeps growing because of the fundamental principles of the club.

15+ group leaders teach pace and running tactics for individuals and group workouts. The club's objective is to create a healthy and safe running community and support the upcoming young talents.

The club is continuously evolving to inspire members to try new running techniques and healthy ways to obtain physical fitness. The club also hosts social events that bring the community together for marathon events and training programs.

The club has two locations within San Francisco, allowing people to access their training programs.

Address: San Francisco, CA 94147

1901 21st Ave, San Francisco, CA 94116

Phone: 415-793-3353


9. Coach Naomi

Coach Naomi
Coach Naomi is an experienced runner who has been in the business all her life. As a result, she has vast knowledge and experience as well as the qualifications to take athletes to higher levels by unlocking their potential.

She understands that it takes focus, commitment, and practice to acquire new skills, and that's why she is the best coach for all level athletes. Coach Naomi awakens the inner athlete in every client, making you want to achieve more by learning new things every session.

Her training methods include endurance, strength, and mastering balance and mobility. You can join her coaching lessons for personalized training, group sessions, or online classes and achieve your fitness goals.

Every runner is different; that's why Coach Naomi has a different workout plan for every individual. However, you can work together on your strengths and weaknesses, making you mentally stronger and physically fit.

She teaches kids, teenagers, and adults who wish to compete professionally or run recreationally. She makes Running and workouts fun and inspires all her clients to overcome adversity.

Coach Naomi also shares nutritional tips to make your body healthy and aid you in recovery.

Address: Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA 94164

Phone: (469) 636-8673


10. San Francisco Track and Field Club

The San Francisco Track and Field Club—SFTFC is an open-minded training platform for people of all ages, gender, and affiliations. The club aims to provide a safe environment for all aspiring athletes to work out and achieve their fitness goals.

The club also nurtures young talents by encouraging them to pursue excellence in the sport and improve their personal best. The club was founded in 1982 and has over 3 decades of existence where it has cultivated a culture of hard work, responsibility, freedom, and belief.

It's free to join the club so that athletes get the opportunity to showcase their talents, endurance, and courage.

Address: 415 Hill St San Francisco, CA 94114

Phone: (415) 596-5325



Finding the best running coaches in San Francisco is easy if you already know where to look. All the coaches in this review are the best in what they do and will make you achieve success in a safe and comfortable space.

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