Top 20 Fitness Forum List In 2023: Most Active Fitness Discussion Board

Learning a new workout routine can be very challenging, especially if you’re training alone. In fact, according to a certain study, about 75% of people who start training give up before they see results. This is mainly because they become discouraged and lose motivation during their training.

Luckily, your chances of succeeding will increase significantly if you’re training with someone. Alternatively, you can always turn to online forums. These are online boards where members can discuss specific topics, creating a massive library of content that you can see at any time. Even better, they allow you to be part of an inclusive community with like-minded individuals. That way, you can learn from some of the best workout enthusiasts and even share your experiences.

Fitness forums are some of the sought-out topics online. Unfortunately, they’re pretty challenging to find, mainly through web search engines. Well, that’s about to change! In this article, I will be looking at the best fitness forums online for your health & fitness journey.

Let’s check them out! forums forums bodybuilding and fitness board gym forum blog is one of the most reputable and oldest workout forums out there. Moreover, it’s one of the most visited fitness sites, thanks to its active forums. Better still, these forums are organized into various categories. For that, you can easily get the information you want on their website. Some general categories on these forums include; sports training, competition discussion, Motivation, contest prep, and professional bodybuilding.

So, whether you’re an experienced, intermediate, or beginner trainer, these forums are a great option. More importantly, you’ll get the encouragement, advice, and support you need for your workout program. Also, the communities on each forum post many posts every day.

worldfitness training forum weight loss forum weightloss message boards

WorldFitness Training forum is an active community that mainly consists of health and fitness enthusiasts. Best of all, the forum has many fitness professionals ready to answer any fitness question you may have. Besides, you can share your experience and thoughts on the fitness industry. Overall, it’s an excellent platform for athletic development, professional training, injury prevention, and weight loss.

t nation forums training for mass over strength t nation forums Fitness forums for beginners

If you’re serious about physical training, T-Nation (Testosterone Nation) is another excellent fitness website you can visit. Its forum has many active members. These forums are made up of sections of supplements, powerlifting, training logs, and Olympic lifting. Other areas include; injuries, rehab, over 35 lifters, nutrition, and powerful women. T-Nation forums cover almost all types of strength athletes, including strongman competitors and powerlifters. Also, there are dedicated forums by 3 resistance training legends; Ellington Darden, Christian Thibaudeau, and Jim Wendler.

Apart from the forums, the site has a wide selection of articles by reputable bodybuilding, power, and strength names. Best of all, the article authors usually allow forum members to get clarification and ask questions about the posted training concepts. Moreover, the site has videos and other fitness resources.

health and fitness blogs india Fitness blogs health forums india

Health & Fitness Forums India is a community that enlightens and educates you on how to stay fit and healthy. Interestingly, these forums get at least 5 posts per day. For that, you’ll always get the best fitness and health ideas by checking out this platform. Also, the site has a network of resources and professionals globally.

Best bodybuilding forum FitDay Discussion Boards Fitness forum Online

Based in Los Angeles, Fitday is one of the best health and fitness forums in the USA. It’s a free source for discussing fitness and diet online. These boards feature almost everything related to fitness and bodybuilding activities. For instance, there are trends, information, news as well as discussions. To be precise, the forums focus on motivation, weight loss, diet, bodybuilding, and other similar subjects. Better still, you can participate in discussions and debates related to supplements and training programs. More notably, these discussions receive about 4 posts per day. 

Body building and Steroids Mega community Elite Fitness Forums Workout forums

Generally speaking, provides various solutions to the fitness community. In essence, it’s a comprehensive community for a personal trainer and bodybuilder. Also, this muscle and fitness forum gets a minimum of 9 posts per day on bodybuilding, supplements, weight lifting, and similar topics. You’ll always find bodybuilding discussions on various issues here. Besides, the site features podcasts and articles where experts share updates about technology and products regularly. For those reasons, joining this community will be beneficial to any fitness enthusiast out there.

Nerd Fitness Forum nerd fitness academy forum Nerd Fitness Rebellion

In the site’s own words, Nerd Fitness is a community of mutants, misfits, and underdogs ready to assist people in their fitness journey. You don’t need to be a model or a jock to join this community. For this, it’s considered the best fitness forum for beginners.

Moreover, this online platform offers a community that helps members become healthier, gain strength, and lose weight. On top of that, the site provides personalized coaching as well. Even if you don’t have workout equipment like the sole treadmill, you’ll find some guidance here.

marathon training forum Zen Labs Fitness Community zen fat loss

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, Zen Labs is another incredible place to go. It’s a health and fitness community that comprises seasoned experts, exercise newbies, old and young exercise. In other words, you’ll find exercises of all sizes, ages, and shapes in these forums with the same goal. That is, living a healthy life!

In addition, Zen Labs provides its users with innovative and useful apps. This plus the large and active community, will help you with your fitness journey.

fit message board JEFIT Workout and Bodybuilding Forum community forum - Jefit

Since its establishment in 2010, JEFIT has become one of the best bodybuilding forums for personal training. Here, you can discuss fitness techniques, muscle building, fitness, training, and diet tips. And if you’re looking for a workout tracker that will give you extra motivation, you can use their Workout Tracking App. Users on these forums are more knowledgeable about this app. Best of all, you can see posts on how long the members have been using this fitness app.

That aside, this platform allows members to interact with other fitness enthusiasts. These social aspects enable members to grow at a faster rate as compared to similar platforms.

planet fitness reddit reddit fitness Bodybuilding forum

Reddit is an online platform that contains a massive collection of forums, including fitness forums. Users can share content and news or even comment on other users’ posts. Essentially, these forums have everything you may want to know about certain topics. So, if you’re pursuing your fitness goal, check out the Reddit fitness forums. These communities allow you to discuss exercise goals and how you can achieve them.

myfitnesspal community top fitness forums online fitness forum

For those looking for an online platform to share exercise suggestions and fitness tips with other members, MyFitnessPal is the place to be. This community consists of many forums with users from different backgrounds and regions. However, all members have one goal in mind; leading healthier lives! Thanks to the advice offered by other exercisers on the platform. Also, you can post tips, questions, and answers about maintaining, losing, or gaining weight and more.

cathe beginner rotation cathe forum cathe friedrich forum

Cathe Friedrich is a long-time fitness instructor, having taught aerobics for the last 26 years. Also, she’s ACE certified and holds other health & fitness speciality certifications. Even better, she now has Cathe Friedrich forums where members can ask anything about health, workouts, nutrition, and fitness. These forums get at least 8 posts per day, and Cathe and her staff try to answer as many posts as they can.

health and fitness forum AnandTech Forums Health & Fitness exercise forums

AnandTech is undoubtedly one of the most popular forums to discuss health and fitness online. It has more than 30 million posts and about 500k registered users. Also, it’s made up of various sub-forums such as the ATOTO (AnandTech Off-Topic). On top of that, the platform has many highly-regulated e-commerce forums like For Sale/ For Trade and Hot Deals.

best fitness forums sweat forums kayla fasting for weight loss forum

Sweat forum is the Best Women’s fitness forum out there right now. This is a fitness community that inspires women around the world to accomplish healthy, happy bodies. Here, like-minded women share their fitness journey to encourage them to achieve their workout goals. Also, they share their daily motivations with the members, advice as well as workout tips. In addition, the site has community forums, recipes, workout routines and much more.

Body Building & Fitness Community personal training forums Fitness Geared; Bodybuilding and Fitness Community

As the name suggests, this is a fitness forum that focuses on fitness and bodybuilding. The discussions taking place on these levels are ideal for all levels, including advanced and beginner exercises. They specifically cover the use of supplements and nutrition to accomplish your bodybuilding goals. However, there are discussions about other similar topics like sole F63 treadmill maintenance as well.

Getbig Forums Fitness, Bodybuilding & Figure Forums  Getbig Forums; Fitness, Bodybuilding & Figure Forums

Getbig is a community forum where you can discuss muscle building, supplements, and bodybuilding. Moreover, this board allows members to gossip, read and talk about the recent trends and news in the bodybuilding industry.

natural bodybuilding forum bodybuilding message board bodybuilding supplements forum has the best forum for discussing drug-free bodybuilding. In other words, this forum is dedicated to exercisers who want to build a strong physique naturally. You’ll find a complete bodybuilding resource on nutrition, supplements, diet, and workout routines. Also, the forum analyzes the effects of steroids as compared to anabolic supplements in depth.

In terms of membership, the forum has natural teens, women, men, and experienced trainers. Best of all, posts that cover the bodybuilding experience in-depth are made on the forum regularly.

anabolic minds anabolic forums anabolic minds forum

With over 250k members, anabolic minds are one of the most reputable supplements websites out there. Besides, most of these members are active on the community forum. This forum usually discusses bodybuilding supplements and even includes feedback from industry experts on the same. However, it has other sections like female fitness forum, weight loss, injury, health forum and nutrition.

Real Muscle Forum  teen bodybuilder forum best health forums

Training by programs and exercise you find online or in magazines is not recommended for bodybuilding amateurs. Instead, you should turn to bodybuilding forums like Real Muscle for tips and guidance. On such forums, you can discuss various topics that will help you improve your body and keep fit. Also, you get answers on various issues by checking out the FAQ section on the forum. And once you become a registered member, you’ll start seeing messages from other users. In general, this forum gets about 20 posts per year.

premiere Fat Loss Support community Burn the Fat Inner Circle Forum  burn the fat feed the muscle

Since its creation in 2006, Burn the Fat inner Circle has had more than 50k active members from around the globe. It was created by Tom Venuto, who is a popular bodybuilding trainer. The forum has more than 1 million posts intended for people who want guidance on body transformation nutrition. Also, you can directly ask Tom Venuto any question on fat loss on the forum. Besides, posts on these forums are usually from fitness and nutrition experts. They offer comprehensive guidance on things like carb manipulation, protein intake, and much more.


The main aim of health and fitness forums is to create loyalty among users and boost a sense of mutual and community support. However, these forums will only benefit the members if every user follows certain rules and guidelines. So, before you post a health and fitness question on any forum, make sure you check out these guidelines. More importantly, always respect other people’s opinions, even if you disagree with what they’ve posted.

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