What Foods Should We Avoid for a Healthy Life?

Healthy Life to secure a is not something of mere talk and of following merely some instructions relating to maintaining diet and having exercise. Choosing a particular food intake that ensures recommended food value should also be given prioritized. Without judging, in details, food value important and sound for building and maintaining a good health, taking food staff cannot at all be considered a wise decision or an act.

We have good foods and at the same time, we have bad foods. The former contributes to nurturing a good health while the latter worsens the health status. In this context, I would like to present you with brief details what foods need to be avoided or taken wisely to preserve or to maintain a soundtrack of your health status.

Foods that contain high-sodium

Taking too much sodium results in raising blood pressure and that subsequently deteriorates arteries and organs like heart, kidneys, eyes, and brains. Taking it less is, therefore, a recommendation as it will help you reduce or level your blood pressure and consequently, keep you safe from the risk of developing any severe medical conditions of the kinds. Moreover, taking too much of sodium also retains fluid that swells the legs and feet of the human body. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests that not more than 2300 mg sodium intake per day should be taken by the adults or children aged 14 or older. It is roughly suggested that 140 mg or less of sodium intake per serving can be termed as ‘low sodium’.

Foods containing high-sodium per serving are Pickles (570 mg); Canned Chicken Noodle Soup (880 mg); Sauerkraut (460 mg); French Fries (270 mg); Bacon (270 mg); Frozen Pot Pies (1300-1400 mg); Ramen Noodles (1580 mg); Canned cream-style corn (730 mg). Among others are salted nuts, chips, Crackers etc.

Foods that contain Trans-fat

Food producers use trans-fat to increase taste and texture and to make food last longer. But, foods containing trans-fats will jeopardize your health status very substantially. What trans-fat does to your health is that it slows your metabolism, increases inflammation, raises your bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol and makes you gain weight. This trans-fat causes severe heart disease leading you to death and also may cause cancer.
Foods harboring the dangerous fat include Microwave Popcorn, Pizza, Baked Foods, Frozen Foods, Fried Foods, Donuts, Cupcakes, and Cookies etc.

Sometimes you will find 0 gm of trans-fat on the label that contains 0.5 gm trans-fat or a bit little but with frosting, you will get 2 gm of trans-fats. Even trans-fat remains hidden under the ingredients label ‘partially hydrogenated oils’.

Foods that contain High-sugar

Sugar, a form of carbohydrate, should be taken to a moderate level. You should avoid all sources of fructose, more importantly, processed foods and beverages such as soda. Having 25 gm of fructose per day is a general recommendation. If you take more, it will raise your insulin level and cause insulin resistance resulting in type II diabetes. It also contributes to obesity. Following are the foods that harbor high-sugar.
Drink Powder and soft drinks include lemonade powder (95%); Chocolate milk drink (84%); Orange breakfast drink (84%); Cocoa mix powder (66%).
Candies and Nougat include Butter scotch (81%); Hard Candies (93%); Vanilla Fudge (80%); Chocolate Fudge (73%); Taffy (69%).
Cookies, cakes, and pies rich in sugar include Chocolate sandwich cookies (61%); Soft raisin cookies (48%); Diet chocolate chip cookies (40%).

Drinking excessive alcohol for healthy life

Apart from short-term effects like nausea and vomiting, drinking alcohol too much has its many long-term disastrous consequences. They include brain damage, liver cancer, high blood pressure, lung infection, stomach ulcers, chronic kidney disease, infertility and many others. Besides, it deteriorates mental health status. People drinking excessive alcohol are found highly depressed and in anxiety. They oftentimes suffer from personality disorder and schizophrenia. Therefore, take alcohol in moderation; it will make you livelier and get you relaxed.

Smoked Tobacco products

Cigarette contains nicotine; when you light it up, nicotine reaches your brain within 10 seconds and that your brain releases adrenalin helping you get a buzz of pleasure. But, this effect is very ephemeral. The consequence it leaves is dangerous. It directly affects lungs and results in lung cancer. Tobacco smoke contains more than 7000 chemicals and 70 of them are directly linked to causing cancer. It causes other diseases like pneumonia, asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis etc. It also affects your vision. Therefore, keep away from it!

A good balance between exercise and food intake is mandatory to keep up a healthy life. A healthy life is to be nurtured well to lead a happy and peaceful life. Therefore, I hope you would not forget to take into account the recommendations for your food intake and healthy life. If you want you can read our Lose Weight blog.

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