Running the Zombies Run App on a Treadmill

Running indoors is beneficial and has many proven advantages. But many people struggle to keep up the hours they should train because of the monotony of running alone. You may end your treadmill running session early not from fatigue or your legs feeling tired but because you are bored from running 30-60 minutes straight. 

While trainers suggest you kill the boredom by listening to music or audiobooks, a great way to make running fun again is the Zombies, Run!

How does Zombies Run app work on a treadmill? 

Zombies, Run! App offers an entertaining training platform for both treadmill and outdoor runners. But when running on the treadmill, you don't need to activate the GPS location as you don't need a mapped route to enjoy the game. 

The game offers you performance stats to save and share your achievements and progress with friends and family who also use the Zombies, Run app.

Understanding the 'Zombies, Run!' App

Are you among the many runners looking for an immersive running app to help with their training at home? The Zombies, Run app is an immersive and entertaining platform that makes your running experience adventurous.

The theme entails a post-apocalypse period where the world is run with zombies, and you have to survive the ordeal by taking up missions to save and protect people in your camp by going for essential supplies. 

The game's rewards come from collecting more supplies to enable your colony to thrive. The essence of the game is to go for as many running missions as possible; in the process, you won't even realize you are training. 

The Zombies, Run! App has 200+ missions, and the storyline keeps changing to make your mission runs interesting. 

You receive mission details through the audio script, and you may require to run with headphones. The missions vary from walking, jogging, or running, enabling you to train healthily and recover. 

Understanding the 'Zombies, Run!' App

Zombie, Runs! App Features

The game is audio based, meaning you don't have to keep glued to the screen. The automatic unfolding of the game makes it easier to concentrate on the running mission by listening.

You collect supplies automatically, even when running on the treadmill. These supplies help you reach the game's penultimate goal – the last healthy human outpost. 

Mission Types

The app requires that you download missions to play. Missions are only about 10-15MB, making cellular and WiFi data affordable. 

Story missions: It's the story of Abel township, and it's best to start the game from the first mission.

Virtual running: You can run on the treadmill or outdoors using the 5K or 10K thrilling virtual races at any time. 

Airdrop: Allows the user to select drop points from an actual map of the world where they want to run. The app automatically builds a mission for the selected distance and the journey back to Abel township.

Supply missions: You can have missions within missions (side missions). These offer extra supplies for your colony.

Interval training: The user can create custom workouts and missions with timings for running, walking, or jogging.

Radio: It includes radio missions you must download to receive communication from radio Abel when running.
Zombie, Runs! App Features

Mission Settings

The user can choose the settings they want for each mission. These include music playlist, difficulty level, tracking, and visual zombie chase on-screen. While here, you can choose the length of your runs.


Choose how to play the music. The options include Spotify or Google Play Music. The music interweaves with the story. You will listen to your music, and when it comes time for mission details, the music stops, and you get the instructions before resuming play again.

Long tracks are split into sections. 


You can track your statistics on Zombies, Run! App in three ways;

● Step counting


● Simulate running.

Step Counting: It records the pace you are running using the in-built sensors of your device. It's useful when you don't have access to GPS or running on the treadmill indoors. The step-counting system works when you input your stride length, and the app will automatically calculate the distance by counting your steps. 

GPS: It's useful for running outdoors as it records the distance and speed you are running. Before you start running, ensure that you have acquired the GPS fix so that the record is accurate and not missing some stats. 

Simulate Running: you can estimate how it takes you to run a mile or a kilometer, and the app will use the metrics to input the data that tracks you. The setting applies to other pieces of training equipment like ellipticals, stationary bikes, and rowing machines.


Zombie Chases

These are designed to make the runs more thrilling. Enable this feature, and occasionally while on missions, you will encounter zombies that give you a chase. It increases your run speed, and you can customize the difficulty to outrun the zombies and the frequency with which they appear.

Activate voice notifications, so it beeps when you are in the vicinity of zombies. The beeping intensifies if the zombies get closer to you, making you adjust your speed to outrun them. 

During a zombie chase, you can drop the collected supplies to distract the zombies so that you can escape. 

Important: When running outdoors, be aware of your surroundings and only adjust your speed if there are no obstacles that can injure you or deter your run. 

Remember, stride length isn't always constant, depending on whether you run outdoors or on the treadmill. The stride length can increase with speed, and others can increase the frequency of their strides. 

The step count tracker shouldn't make you change how you run. Always run the way you feel the most comfortable. 

As a disclaimer, the distance the Zombies, Run app gives via step counting won't always be accurate. But this shouldn't worry you too much because it usually isn't off by +/-10%. 


Does Zombies, Run app work on treadmill? Yes. This audio adventure platform will transform the way you train by offering you an action-packed storyline and mission to conquer.

Treadmill running requires that you get motivated if you want to run more hours without a training buddy. 

The app allows friendly competition from similar app users, making the challenge more interesting. 

The app is useful to newbies and runners who want to add adventure to their running routine. The app is free to download and use, making it the top-running app download for millions of users. 

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