How To Run on A Treadmill And Get Abs

One can never go wrong with investing in a treadmill as there are too many benefits. But you might also wonder, can running on a treadmill give you Abs? Yes.

Working out on a treadmill doesn't have many complexities. After turning it on, hop on to it and start running, jogging, or brisk walking. You can adjust the pace and incline to make it more challenging. Other than those few settings, you can be sure of a full workout in your home or gym.

Treadmill workout is primarily to improve your cardio. But you can burn belly fat and body fat if you know the right exercises. These tips will help build your abs.

Incline Push-ups

The incline treadmill push-ups on the treadmill target your glutes and abs. They work your core and chest while making you lose weight because of the reduced body fat.

● Start by placing your hands on the front rails of the treadmill. Extend your feet to the side rear end of the walking surface.

● Once extended, lower your chest to be parallel with the front bars by bending your elbows.

● Same to usual push-ups, repeat this process for your strength training program.

incline treadmill push-ups

Quick Knee Drives

Knee drives are best to boost the intensity of any workout because they spike your pulse rate without running. Knee drives don't require a moving treadmill.

● You can work out the knee drives facing any position using the treadmill as your support. Step on the rear end of the treadmill facing the opposite direction.

● Lower your hands to the floor assuming a push-up position. This will target the abdominal muscles.

● Drive one foot towards your chest and pump your arms simultaneously.

● Repeat this step while alternating your legs

● You should lean forward to impact the lower body.

Treadmill Quick Knee Drives

Sled Pushes

In sled push, your body weight moves the motor while the treadmill is off. Your heart rate will be tested and abdominal muscles tightened. You can do this exercise without turning on the machine for a significant impact on your abs.

● Hold on to the front treadmill bars.

● Plant your feet firmly on the treadmill belt and try to move it back as you run.

● Increase your speed and see if you can move the belt faster without turning the machine on.

● It will feel slow, but the workout will leave you panting and gasping for air within minutes.

Sled Pushes with Treadmill


The treadmill pike-to-plank move is challenging for beginners but it's worth every effort.

● Elevate your legs on the treadmill (don't turn on the treadmill). Hold the plank position by extending your body to the floor.

● Raise your hips to the pike position and lower them back again. This motion moves the treadmill belt back and forth. Do a couple of sets and feel the pain in your core.

treadmill pike-to-plank

Bear crawls

Bear crawls on the treadmill are the equivalent of the HIIT exercise. Add it to your treadmill's abs workout because it's effective in reducing body fat percentage. Running the bear crawl without a treadmill isn't easy, now imagine doing it on a moving treadmill.

● Set the treadmill speed to low.

● Get down on your limbs (all-fours) with your knees a few inches above the treadmill belt.

● Now crawl like a bear and burn the calories with each session.

Bear crawls are the best for both upper and lower body fitness. They strengthen your quads and bring your abs.

Bear crawls on the treadmill


Can running on a treadmill bring you abs is a question that most people think is impossible without weight training. But with these ab exercises, you can get abs using your treadmill. Treadmill exercises are easy and you can do them with the treadmill on/off.

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