Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill Review

The Fitness Reality TR1000 manual treadmill review is for people who wish to burn extra calories and improve their cardio without running. However, physical movements like walking and aerobics benefit your health if you exercise regularly.

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Name of Feature


Treadmill Dimensions

47 L x 23 W x 51 H inches

Max speed

As fast as you can walk

Max incline levels

2-level incline: six and 10 degrees

Max Weight

24.5 Kilograms


Alloy Steel frame

Max Weight Capacity

230 pounds

Product Features

The Fitness Reality TR 1000 is a self-propelled treadmill that doesn't have fancy features or gadgetry. But what it lacks in these categories compensates for in other features like the dual flywheel.

These twin flywheels use oversized belt rollers to keep the belt deck moving smoothly and at the pace you are using. The treadmill belt size is 43 L x 13 ¼ W inches which are wide enough to support a weight capacity of up to 230 pounds.

⦿ Motor

The Fitness Reality TR 1000 is a motorless treadmill, and there will be no need to look for a power source. As a manual walking treadmill, it uses your momentum, and the faster you walk or run on the treadmill, the fastest it will go.

No motor also means expectations of expensive electricity costs.

⦿ Console

Even though the Fitness Reality TR 1000 manual treadmill with a 2-In-1 incline level doesn't use electricity, it comes with a digital console that displays basic information about your workout session. It uses a small LCD display screen that shows essential user metrics, including speed, scan, calorie burn, distance, and time.

The console is powered by two AAA batteries included with every treadmill purchase. But from the limited features, you will notice that the TR 1000 isn't the best for an intense workout.

As long as you don't exceed the user weight capacity of 230 pounds, you will have a great experience using this treadmill.

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⦿ Slim Profile

It has a slim profile and compact design that makes it look pleasing whether you fold it or unfold it. In addition, the steel frame is non-corrosive, meaning you don't have to worry about rust creeping in and damaging your equipment.

However, while in storage and not in use, you can buy a treadmill cover to keep debris, dust, and pet hair away from it.

⦿ 2-Level Incline Settings

The incline positions in a treadmill are supposed to make walking or jogging more challenging. For example, the TR 1000 manual treadmill workout has 2 incline adjustment levels of 6 and 10 degrees.

It also has long handrails, which bring stability and balance when walking on the treadmill.

⦿ Foldable

There isn't much assembly needed as it comes semi-preassembled. You might need help from another person, but if you follow the user manual, you should be able to set it up within minutes.

When folded, it only occupies 21 L x 23 W x 51 H inches. With such dimensions, it can fit in tight spaces. However, it's an attractive piece of equipment that will look ideal in any space you choose, whether an office or apartment.

It's a quiet model because it doesn't have a motor and won't distract other people when you work out around them.

⦿ Transportable

It comes with transportation wheels, making it convenient to move around from one space to another. And because there's no motor, it doesn't matter where you place it in any room because it doesn't need a power source to be operational.

When fully assembled, it weighs only 49 pounds, and you can even move it by carrying it if you are looking for a challenge.

Pros & Cons


  • No motor means fewer movable parts and won't break easy
  • No need for a power source
  • Easy to use, fold and store
  • It comes with transport wheels


  • Not ideal for running space
  • User weight capacity of 230 pounds is low

Buyers Guide to Buying a Manual Treadmill

Treadmills use motors to move the belt and create a forward motion when you step on it. However, there are cheap manual treadmills that don't have a motor and, therefore, won't need a power source. The TR 1000 manual treadmill is unlike the ones you will find at the gym.

Here are some things to consider when buying a manual treadmill.

Foldable Design

A treadmill can be foldable, whether it's manual or motorized. The foldable option is so that it occupies less storage space when you are not using it. Foldable treadmills have limited space, especially in areas like behind doorways and places that are difficult to reach.

Types of Manual Treadmill

running machine without electricity; manual treadmill for walking; fitness reality tr1000 manual treadmill with 2 level incline

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1. Traditional manual treadmills

These have no motors; instead, they use a belt to move according to your cadence. Manual treadmills are usually simple and have few tech features compared to motorized quality treadmills.

Traditional manual treadmill features are advantageous because they are affordable options and usually lightweight. In addition, they don't have to be close to a wall because they require no power outlet.

Manual treadmills are best for:

  • People who enjoy walking more than running
  • People who want to use their treadmill anywhere in the room (doesn't need a power source)
  • Users looking for a machine that is easy to get On or Off
  • Users that don't care much about treadmill tech features

2. Slat belt manual treadmills

Slat belts are like the elite treadmills that money can buy. However, they are costly and have some extra tech features not available in traditional manual affordable treadmills.

It's called a slat belt because they use a slat belt design that looks like the wheels of a tank to rotate around the deck using rubber slats. These treads are heavier than the traditional and are ideal for athletes and professionals.

They are also best for:

  • Users looking to burn high-calorie content
  • People looking to run without the use of advanced tech or preset programs
  • Experienced users and gym users

3. Slat belt curved treadmills

A curved slat belt folding treadmill uses some genius biomechanics acquired when you run to propel the belt as you run. Curved slat belt treadmills target the torso and more muscle engagement on the legs.

You can compare them to a hamster wheel which moves as fast as you can run. On the downside, curved slat treadmills can be a challenging workout to use and even dangerous for beginners. 

  • Curved compact Treadmills are suitable for:
  • Pro athletes and experienced runners
  • Users with good muscle strength and balance
  • People who understand the benefits of using this model over traditional manual treadmills
  • Gym trainers and coaches of conditioned athletes
  • Runners looking for new challenges and the necessary biofeedback

4. Hybrid treadmills

Hybrid affordable treadmills are like the name suggests. You can decide to plug them into a power source and use the motor to spin the deck or switch to manual and use it without a power source.

Hybrid treadmills may vary as some may allow running while others are suitable for only walking or light jogging.

You can have hybrid treadmills that are either curved or flat.

Hybrid is suitable for:

  • Multiple users who have different levels of conditioning
  • People who want the choice to run or walk on the treadmill and also have other challenges
  • Walkers seeking a manual inclines challenge
  • Gym owners and coaches with different clientele


Most manual treadmills offer users the financial freedom they wouldn't have when looking at motorized options. However, many motorized treadmills are affordable, and you won't have to break the bank to acquire one.

FAQ on TR1000 Manual Treadmill

Question-1. Is a manual treadmill good for weight loss?

Yes. Manual treadmills also improve your workout and leg muscles. In addition, you can download different workout programs on your smartphone or tablet and try different challenges.

Question-2. Are manual treadmills hard to use?

Not necessarily. But there's a learning curve that you must get a grasp of before you can comfortably run or walk in one.

It requires some concentration; hence not the best for people who want to zone out as they work out. But once you grasp the concept, it's pretty much like walking; you can't forget how.

Question-3. Which manual treadmill is the best?

You may determine the best treadmill based on costs. The more advanced features a treadmill has, the more it will cost you. But some models with fewer tech features still help you achieve your fitness levels and goals.

Question-4. Can you run on a treadmill without holding?

The only benefit of the multi-grip handrails is that they give support and balance. But if you run without holding the non-slip handles, you feel a difference in the intensity.

Not holding the bars offers more challenge than grabbing onto the rails.

Question-5. Is Fitness Reality a good brand?

Yes. They have a deserved reputation for producing the best gym equipment and treadmills. They have many models, including motorized and manual treadmills.


The Fitness Reality TR1000 manual treadmill review is a glimpse of manual treadmills and their benefits. You will find so many models of manual treadmills like there are motorized treadmills. Among its best-selling aspects is that it's affordable and doesn't require a power source.

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