Is Fast-Food Really a Food?

You are in a rush to your workplace or to your school and you are hungry; many fast food restaurants on the edges of the street you take your course are available to welcome you with their menu. You put an order and very soon, start having your food, ignoring the substances that the food ordered contains. It appears great that you can readily enjoy your food only after a while. They are helping you to save your time and satisfy your hunger, putting an end to your worries of fasting. But if you continue saving time and satisfying your stomach this way on a regular basis, get assured that you are leading your blessed life to a pathetic end.

Fast Foods are characterized as food high in protein, fat and calories while low in vitamins, minerals and fiber. To maintain a healthy diet, many including physicians and researchers suggest people to avoid having fast foods. They are overloaded with ingredients harmful to preserve or build a sound health status. Having fast-food too much contributes to growing your obesity that even plays a pivotal role to cause diseases-heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Fast Foods include Hamburger, Sandwich, Pizza, French fries, Dessert, Hot dog, Sushi, Chicken meat, Kebab, Chinese cuisine, Cheeseburger, Taco, Cheese, Steak, Bread, Noodle, Burrito etc.
Fast food is obviously a kind of food but not the ideal one that can be taken into body as everyday meal and that can be recommended as edible to maintain a sound health.

To define food, we mean a healthy balanced diet that promotes a sound health. Comprised with carbohydrate, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, food is what sustains life, provides energy and promotes growth. Eating or taking a right proportion of foods from a wide variety of foods means maintaining a healthy diet. Your diet should consist of fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, milk and dairy foods-having lower fat varieties, pulses, beans, meat, eggs and other sources of protein, oils and spreads, less saturated fats and sugars. Remember, to make your own diet, take them in moderation.

Amount to be taken for a healthy diet
# A diet which is low in fat will help you maintain a healthy weight besides reducing your chances of getting certain diseases. Fat to be taken for a healthy diet should be 30% of your calorie needs. For example, for a 1600 calorie diet, fat should amount to 53 grams and for a 2200 calorie diet, fat should amount to 73 grams.

# A diet which is moderate in salt and sodium will lessen the risk of high blood pressure. Some health authorities suggest that sodium intake per day should be not more than 2400 mg. Generally, one tea spoon of salt provides 2000 mg of sodium.

# A diet which is high in added sugar will contribute to your obesity and tooth decay. You should choose fewer foods that are high in added sugar like candy, sweet desserts and soft drink. Many health researchers suggest that for a 1600 calorie diet, sugar to be added should amount to 6 tea spoons a day and for a 2200 calorie diet, sugar to be added should amount to 12 tea spoons a day.

Foods mentioned above as fast foods are found with high in fat, high sodium, high sugar should be taken sparingly and in moderation. Read the labels carefully and go for the ones low with the respective ingredients mentioned. Ideally, fast food cannot be a food in terms of maintaining a healthy life or a sound health status. You are trying to maintain or nurture or build a sound health, you should learn your calorie needs and subsequently come to know the amount of other food ingredients, best regarded as a healthy diet for you. A good physician can help you in this regard.

Don’t take things at face value or blindly as they appear before you. When you are heeding towards a fast food restaurant, you will not find them in moderation. Despite that, you are satisfying your appetite by frequently taking them, making your health status prone to many different diseases, besides gaining weight. While you have targeted to lose your weight and maintain a healthy life, you are jeopardizing your health instead. Only a sound health status can significantly help you make energetic and behave rationally and that will certainly ensure you cherish the blessed life. To sum up, the saying should go like this: “Limit your fast food intake, have a good diet and enjoy a happy life!”

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