Sporzon! Olympic Standard Weightlifting Experince With Barbell

If you're a gym-goer, athlete, or weightlifter, you know that selecting the right equipment is crucial to getting the most out of your workout. That's why we're reviewing the Sporzon Barbell.

We'll consider this Olympic barbell's features with almost a perfect five-star rating on Amazon and how it will help you in your barbell exercises.

This barbell is built with premium materials and can withstand even the most strenuous workouts. Most buyers/ users love the comfortable grip and say it's worth the price. It's perfect for athletes and weightlifters alike and has many features that make it stand out from the competition.

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  1. Solid steel construction and finishing that keeps rust and corrosion away
  2. Heavyweight capacity of up to 700 lbs
  3. 1-inch and 2-inch thick poles available
  4. Varying pole lengths, including 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft
  5. Fits easily into the standard Olympic plates
  6. Barbell design allows you to use dumbbell plates too
  7. Easy to choose your knurling position for convenience
  8. It's a budget barbell for powerlifting

Specifications of Sporzon Barbell

Here are the specifications of this Sporzon Barbell.

Name of Feature


Dimensions (LWH)

84in x 2in x 2in


Chrome, Black


5ft, 6ft, 7ft (1-inch or 2-inch thick)


Alloy steel

Grip Style

Knurled grip type

Weight Limit

Up to 700lbs


Two-year warranty

Design of the Sporzon! Olympic Barbell Standard Weightlifting Barbell

First impressions matter, and honestly, your first impressions about this barbell will impress you. The SPORZON barbell is a top-quality, durable, and long-lasting fixed-weight barbell. It has a simple design that makes it suitable for use as a barbell for men's or women's.

Let's start with the chrome finishing.

Sporzon coated this powerlifting barbell with a layer of chrome material, making the barbell more resistant to rust and corrosion. In addition, it also gives the barbell a radiant look.

barbell weight plate

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This barbell is available in 5ft, 6ft, and 7ft lengths. You can choose either the 1-inch or the 2-inch types in any of the lengths above. However, if you intend to use heavy dumbbells with this barbell, we suggest getting the 2-inch thick type since the 1-inch type is suitable for light dumbbells.

According to Sporzon, it can support up to 700lbs of barbell weights. Also, we recommend getting the longer lengths if you'll be stacking up more importance on your barbell.

What about the barbell plates?

This barbell's design allows you to use it with most regular one-inch or two-inch barbell or dumbbell plates. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any plates or collars, so you'd have to get those on your own.

With the Sporzon barbell, you get many knurling positions. The grip is good and has a decent grip diameter somewhere around 23mm. And the ends are set nicely into the plates you choose as long as they're the recommended size.

Let's talk about materials.

The rigid and sturdy feel of the Sporzon barbell removes any doubt about the quality. It's made from alloy steel and finished off in chrome or black colors. Most users opt for the solid metal chrome-finish type barbell because it looks nice.

As mentioned earlier, this barbell doesn't come with collars, but you can easily purchase it. If you want the collars to be at least 53-inches apart, you should get the 7-ft long barbell as it'll meet your needs better than the shorter barbells.
Let's not forget that the bars and the ends of this barbell are integrated.

Weight Options

You can get this Sporzon Olympic Barbell in different weight options since Sporzon offers them in various sizes. The 7ft 2-inch barbell weighs about 45lbs and is often touted as an Olympic barbell.

The 5ft 2-inch bars weigh 26lbs, while the 1-inch bar weighs less. On the other hand, the 6ft 2-inch barbells weigh about 35lbs, and expectedly, the 1-inch type weighs less than it.

If you're planning to put a ton of weight on these barbells, we recommend going for the 7ft 2-inch barbells. They're sturdy enough to handle huge weights.

Picking the Right Barbell

To select the suitable Sporzon barbell for you, you should consider your fitness goals and weightlifting plans. Then, if you have a personal trainer, they'll guide you on the right barbell to choose.

You can also meet your gym instructor to guide you in selecting an excellent Sporzon barbell.

We want to point out that if you're not going to do a lot of heavy weightlifting, you should consider getting the 1-inch barbells. However, if you plan to slowly increase your barbell weight plates, then buy the 2-inch barbells.

Again, get the 7ft bars for more convenience.

barbell weight set

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Warranty & Maintenance

After each use, we recommend cleaning the barbell with a dry towel. Wipe off sweat and powder so that grime wouldn't gradually start building upon it, thus, increasing the chances of it rusting.

The two-year warranty Sporzon offers on this barbell is apt. Only a handful of competitors offer such on their barbells.

Sporzon Barbell Pros & Cons

We love so many things about Sporzon Barbell and we shared a few of them below.


  • The solid metal chrome finish gives it a premium look
  • The bar and the end are integrated
  • This barbell offers a textured handle with many knurling positions
  • You can choose any length and thickness from the selection
  • The barbells are lightweight and also fit regular weight plates
  • It's available at affordable prices


  • It doesn't come with any clamps
  • The 7ft bars may be too long for some users

Alternatives to the Sporzon Barbell

The Sporzon barbell is excellent for beginners looking to get started with bodybuilding. It's affordable and has an easy-to-use design, and is available in different lengths and thicknesses, but there are many other options out on the market.


1. What is a good weight for a barbell?

There's no particular weight for a barbell as the weight you should choose is dependent on the weight plates you want to have on them. Make sure the barbell supports a lot of weight.

2. How much does a good barbell cost?

A good barbell can cost between fifty and half a thousand dollars because brands price their barbells differently.

3. What barbell do commercial gyms use?

There's only one way to find out what barbells a commercial gym uses - visit the gym!

4. Which barbells are the best?

If a barbell is sturdy enough, has a corrosion-resistance coating, supports a lot of weight, can be used with different plates, amongst other things, then it can pass as one of the best barbells.

5. What is the grip diameter of this Sporzon barbell?

The grip diameter of this barbell is 23mm.

6. What is the maximum weight that my Sporzon barbell can support?

This barbell can keep weights up to 700lbs.


If you're in the market for a quality, durable barbell that will fit most regular weight plates, the Sporzon is an excellent choice. It comes with a two-year warranty and is made of sturdy materials that will hold up to everyday use. So order your Sporzon barbell today and start seeing results in your fitness routine!

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